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The age long traditional focus by Nigerian schools on producing job seekers, rather than preparing job creators at a time when the employment environment has continued to shrink steadily, compels a fundamental reorientation of educational curricular in all institutions. Modern technology, which has created thousands of jobs has also consumed millions of these jobs. This is indeed a curious irony, which needs to be queried. Many traditional jobs, which used to be manned by several people, are today being handled by either one person, or by artificial intelligence because, of the impact of technology on our lives. Nowadays, robotics will continue to take over more and more jobs in the years ahead. And if more on~the~job workforce stand the risk of losing their employment, the future of fresh graduates being trained to only seek for the hardly available or adequate jobs, will become bleaker. The practical solution lies in reordering school curricular by deliberately injecting a career mentoring component into academic programs. This career~orientation would enable students to graduate as prepared statesmen, career professionals and business leaders, with the relevant skills and competencies to become independent. In this regard, future graduates would henceforth avoid having to wait for years to aspire to work for someone, for some company or for some government bureaucracy. Today, the competitive world needs broadly educated, career~oriented and independent minded graduates, who are prepared to create jobs by themselves. To propel this dream of broad and career~oriented education; the elements of critical thinking, community engagement and service learning are fundamental. This is the dream upon which Prime University is anchored. And with a strong trilateral feeder schools base in the Federal Capital Territory, Prime University is positioned enough to define the employability path, and set the career pace for Nigerian schools and communities.

Therefore,  by envisioning to fill the career gap prevalent in Nigeria’s educational system, Prime University is indeed not only setting the pace for innovative learning, but also concretely helping to incubate the bright future of Nigerian youth, that has long been lying fallow, unfertilized, and hardly every adequately irrigated. In a nutshell, Prime University has been established to share the Chinese philosophy of teaching humanity the fundamental techniques of fishing, in order to feed for life. This is instead of merely offering man a daylong plate of fish, which can only feed him once. Therefore, Prime University will lead its students on a strategic lifelong journey to the riverbank, in order to continually live by the waters, learn and master the lifelong fishing trade and feed the world for life.


Prime University was conceived by a consortium of two successful private secondary schools in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory. The schools were founded by a team of accomplished entrepreneurs, and celebrated community leaders who have an unrepentant passion for innovative education. These schools are Capital Science Academy (CSA) and Nigeria-Ghana International College (NGIC). In addition, another top secondary school in the FCT, Al-Noor International Academy (AIA) offered to partner with the great educational legacy of CSA and NGIC. The founders believe that the platform of success upon which these high schools were founded and renowned for, would be the springboard upon which Prime University will be propelled. Their plan is to anchor the institution on a sustainable path to enduring socio~economic security, stability and prosperity for Nigeria. Therefore, the main founding schools of CSA and NGIC as well as their partner (AIA) will serve as major student feeders for Prime University, to set the benchmark for developing business leaders and career professionals in the country. The university is located in the serene Kuje suburb of the Federal Capital Territory. The spectacular and largely receptive neighborhood of this sprawling Abuja countryside is sandwiched by beautiful mountains and the lush greenery of the cosy FCT metropolis. This educational model has been the give~back dream, which the Founders of Prime University have long yearned to bequeath to humanity. They believe that the students who will enroll at the school, their parents and their professors, the university workforce and the alumni body that will eventually be born, will become a lifelong community. The graduates are expected to lead independent lives as career professionals, business leaders and accomplished statesmen and women in various spheres of life!


To be a pacesetter in innovative Education in Nigeria.


To deploy technology to nurture creativity and innovation, for preparing professionals, statesmen and business leaders.


PERFORMANCE: The institution will dutifully and diligently perform its task of offering innovative and career~oriented education for youngsters, to prepare them for becoming lifelong professionals. The performance focus will drive the university towards producing global citizens who can function and compete anywhere.

RESPONSIBILITY: Community members and products from Prime University will become responsible citizens and will always take responsibility for all their actions and inactions at all times.

INNOVATION: Teaching, learning and other services at Prime University will be innovatively driven by technology and creativity.

MENTORSHIP: Prime University will entrench the culture of mentoring its students in all their chosen academic and entrepreneurial skill areas, to enable them become independent thinkers and business owners.

EXCELLENCE: Prime University will pursue excellence in all its academic, administrative and extra~curricular activities and engagements, without any compromise.


Old Site of Capital Science Academy,
Dafara Village, Gaube District,
Kuje Area Council,
FCT Abuja, Nigeria.

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Al Noor International Academy,
Al-Noor Mosque Premises,
Wuse 2, FCT Abuja.


Capital Science Academy,
No. 10 Luni Drive, BUA Estate,
Kado, FCT, Abuja.


Nigeria Ghana International School No 8,
Alex Ekwueme Way,
Jabi, FCT Abuja

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Former Campus of Nigeria~Ghana International College,
Chibiri Village,
Kuje Area Council, FCT Abuja.

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0803 967 7605